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VIP Travel Services

Unsure where to start, or perhaps you do, but you really have time to plan and book your travel.

We are here to assist you with every little thing you can (or can't bare to) think of! From researching quotes, scheduling med consults, to booking flights, even what to pack lists... Our travel concierge services are at your disposal.

CLICK HERE to view services immediately available.

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Women's Retreats

We invite WOMEN over 40 to indulge in one of our Ayurveda wellness retreats. Rediscover yourself, feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and a little, or a lot, lighter mentally, and physically.

Wellness retreats are perfect for mindset and relaxation, and a well deserved vacation after divorce 1, 2 or even number 3!

CLICK HERE to see our upcoming retreats and details.

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If you are considering travelling for cosmetic surgery, Hush Escapes has many options just for you.

Our very exclusive one on one packages are for clients that don't want to use 'group surgery' options, and prefer one person by their side throughout the journey.

This service is available worldwide. CLICK here to schedule a phone chat to see if we can help prior to booking.

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