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Blondies Koh Rong

Island Accommodation on Cambodia's White Sands Beach

At Blondies, we believe our piece of paradise is the best island accommodation and one of the prettiest spots in Koh Rong Island available today. From pristine water views, white sand beaches, coral and coconuts, we invite you to stay!

Our seaview, self contained island bungalows and 3 room guesthouses is an easy 2 minute walk from the ferry terminal at Sok San Pier. You'll find paradise on the path amid lush natural gardens, beside the coconut grove. All our bungalows and guesthouse have balconies with hammocks and access to private waterside pergolas where you can relax while you immerse yourself in stunning views of pristine blue waters and the white sands of Sok San and Royal Sands Beach. 


Koh Rong  is 40 minutes off the coast of Sihanoukville, Cambodia. It's renowned for its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, and is no surprise that it has become a popular destination for holidaymakers seeking to escape their daily routines and unwind in paradise. 


We invite you to step into a paradise of tranquility and relaxation. Our peaceful, waterside pergolas provide an idyllic backdrop for you to take in the peacefulness of nature and unwind after a long day at the beach. There’s nowhere better to start the day than with yoga or meditation as the sun rises. Afterwards enjoy a day with a refreshing beach walk, and immerse yourself in a truly restorative experience to heal your body and soul before returning to the routine of your regular life.


If you're the active type, we can arrange numerous activities such as day tours, boat trips, kayaking, snorkeling, biking, hiking and more. Trained instructors are available to help guide you through many experiences and ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable time in Koh Rong, Cambodia. The island offers a variety of local activities, there's something for everyone to enjoy.


Discover the power of rest with us - including health-focused retreats and mindfulness practices - we will help design the perfect holiday to help you find your inner strength and peace. Life is too short to take for granted, be our guest, come explore the incredible beauty of our beach surroundings and discover the true essence of relaxation at Blondies Koh Rong, with Australian the hospitality of Mel & Johnny Blondie.


Book your stay today and leave feeling recharged and rejuvenated. We look forward to seeing you in Paradise!

Mel & Johnny Blondie


My name is Melody Carstairs, Life and Wellness Coach.


My motto is 'No body is worth more than your body.'

It means, that everybody has the right to feel amazing, inside and out, and nobody should feel less worthy of their self love and attention.

I have always been passionate about helping others, and I am excited to be able to share experiences, helping other women around the world, that are ready to step out of the box and become strong, confident, powerful women living the life they dreamt to live.

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We are available most times to reply to you via WhatsApp. Please be patient should we be in different time zones. Thank you

Blondies Koh Rong, Cambodia

WhatsApp: +61 433 393 333



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